Eleana is a computer program used for manipulations of the EPR data. It has an easy and user-friendly graphic interface that allows simple modifications of the data obtained from the commercially available spectrometers. You can directly load spectra recorded by Bruker EPR spectrometers like EPS300E, EMX or Elexsys. You can also import any data stored in an ascii file.

The program was created with the use of LabView , to run it, appropriate LabView Runtime Engine is required.

Eleana is distributed as binary executable files for GNU/Linux and Windows 7/10.

Anyone can use this program for educational and scientific purposes. However if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you are required to contact the author. It is important to keep in mind that the program is still under heavy developement and bugs are eliminated at the author's best convenience. We are not responsible for any effect of the use of this program in any way. You use it at your own risk.

If you have any questions regarding installation/using of Eleana or you want to share ideas how to improve it please feel free to send me an email.