Below you may find some features implemented in ELEANA.

  1. Importing data in formats: Bruker EMX, ESP300E, Elexsys, WinEPR, Adani CMS8400 ascii, One or two-column ascii files.
  2. Loading/Saving Project files containing all spectra.
  3. Exporting selected spectrum or spreadsheet with selected spectra in ascii format.
  4. Baseline corrections: offset, polynomial or spline.
  5. Integrating/differentiation/pseudomodulation of the data.
  6. Fitting user defined functions to the data.
  7. Modifications of the spectra: subtraction. multiplications, rotations, filtering, autophase.
  8. FFT/Inverse FFT
  9. Ploting user defined functions.
  10. Analysis of power saturation curves.
  11. Other miscellaneous functions.

Eleana is still (and probably will always be) under developement. I would appreciate all information about the bugs that may appear during the use of the program.